YouTube Star Starts Feud with Popular Singer After Calling Her Fans “the Worst”

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Halsey absolutely loves her fans, which is why she recently surprised 100 of them with a private party where they all listened to “cried” about her new music. Sounds amazing, right? The lucky supporters that got the chance to attend were obviously incredibly thankful for the opportunity, but one YouTube star didn’t feel the same.

When Christine Sydelko caught wind of the event, she posted two tweets that have since been deleted. One said, “This is THE WORST,” and the second said, “This is the most Halsey thing Halsey has ever done she has out Halseyed herself.”

The 22-year-old did NOT appreciate the shade thrown at her and used her own social media account to tell the YouTuber how she felt.


She also stood up for her fans who Christine called into question, too.



Many people thought this feud was brewing for a long time, as the former Viner made a parody video that made fun of Halsey’s song “Closer” just over a month ago.

Christine’s BFF and YouTube partner Elijah Daniel called out this possibility, but Ashley Frangipane (the crooner’s real name) confirmed that it’s totally not true.



CS is a known comedian, so we don’t think she was necessarily trying to be malicious with her tweets, but Halsey totes deserves a major ‘HELL YEAH’ for being the queen of her fandom and always supporting those who show her love and support.

While Halsey would do anything to DEFEND her fans, these celebs actually dissed theirs on social media: