8 Big-Name Celebrities Who Were Called the Eff Out by Halsey

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Halsey is one of the most talked about female artists of our generation. Not only has she collaborated with popular artists such as The Chainsmokers, Lauren Jauregui, and Justin Bieber, but her most recent album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, quickly shot to number one on the charts. The craziest part of the 23-year-old’s success story? She’s been grinding to make it in the music industry for years, having started by posting videos on YouTube!

HalGal’s success is enough to give most people a big head, but our fave celebrities are the ones who are genuine, supportive and kind towards others. While the New Jersey native falls under this category for sure, it doesn’t mean her claws don’t come out every once in a while. The self-proclaimed feminist often calls out her fellow stars for their (usually) effed-up moves. Read on to see a list of your favorite celebs who Halsey has publicly dissed: