This Halloween’s Best Celeb Costumes

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Celebs went on a photo taking rampage this past weekend showing off their Halloween costumes. Every time we checked Twitter and Instagram we were greeted with a different celebrity’s unique and totally fun outfit. Here’s some of our faves from this season so far!

Ed Sheeran

Thanks to Ed’s red hair, there isn’t a ton he can do costume-wise (without a wig, that is), but he came up with the brilliant idea to be the murderous doll, Chucky!


Miley Cyrus

Miley ditched her usual grunge look and channeled her inner-Nicki Minaj wearing a skin-tight leopard suit and huge blonde wig!


Troian Bellisario

Troian dressed as Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. She totes looks like she could kick our butt (and hack our computers)!


Chord Overstreet

It’s kinda freaky how much Chord looks like Brad Pitt in his costume!  If someone told us they were related, we’d believe it.


Shay Mitchell

Beyonce was looking foxy this weekend! Oh wait, that’s Shay…could have fooled us!


Lauren Conrad

This Zombie Bride-esque outfit was the perf way for Lauren to be both elegant and creepy this Halloween! And she pulls it off so well!!


Bella Thorne

There’s nothing we love more than couple’s costumes and vampires! And when Bella captioned this pic “The eternal dance <3” our hearts almost exploded. So effin adorbs!


Ashley Benson

Ashley teamed up with her BFF Izak Rappaport and went as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. We wish we had come up with this idea! So jeal.


Kim Kardashian

We’re not quite sure how Kim managed to get around in her totally fab mermaid costume, but we assume a decent amount of waddling was involved.


Tyler Blackburn

Charlie Chaplin in the house! What what!


Lucy Hale

We want to be surrounded by 100 brightly colored Lucy unicorns, rainbows, candy and sunshine! But, for real.


Harry Shum

If we had a “Most Unique Costume” award, we would totes give it to Mr. Shum! His “Bugs and Daffy had a baby” costume is hilariously awesome!


Vanessa Lengies, Naya Rivera, and Dianna Agron

Looney Tune characters seem to be the theme of our fave Glee costars this season! Naya rocked a Roadrunner costume, Dianna dressed as Tweety Bird and Vanessa sported a Daffy Duck outfit. *Cue Looney Tunes’ Theme Song*