14 Pumpkin-Decorating Hacks You Need to Know Before Halloween 2018

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How scary is it that we can officially say that Halloween is next month?! It honestly feels like 2018 just started and somehow we are already closing in on the holiday season. Where the heck did the time go?! Although we may not be totally prepared to say goodbye to beach days, no school and fun nights with friends, we are so ready for Sunday football games, fall fashion and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.

If you’re anything like us, then you start thinking of Halloween waaaayy in advance, so when everyone is struggling to come up with ideas, you can sit back, relax and feel confident with your plans. It takes a lot of effort to think of a clever costume so you don’t show up looking exactly like everyone else in the room, and making sure your makeup is totally on point without blowing the budget is another huge effort. Another important aspect of holiday? The decorations!

While Halloween may only be one night of the year, the time leading up to October 31 is pretty lengthy and gives us a perfect opportunity to have a reason to ~redecorate~. From fake spiderwebs hanging on the ceiling of your bedrooms and spooky cauldrons holding snacks in your kitchens, there are SO many options! Personally, however, our fave fall accessory is definitely the pumpkin. And we’re not just talking about the Starbucks drinks.

Carving a pumpkin is some people’s ultimate fall activity, but it also can be really intimidating for others. One wrong move and your jack-o’-lantern could quickly turn disastrous. We all want perfect, Instagrammable pumpkins, so we’re gonna help you out this season! We rounded up all the best pumpkin-decorating hacks to make sure your gourd is the best of the best, without too much hassle.