20 Creepy Halloween Makeup Illusions That Have You Totally Shook

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Halloween Makeup Illusions 2018

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OMG, you guys. Halloween is rapidly approaching and we’re SCRAMBLING to find an epic costume that will blow everyone else’s out of the water. But, while we lose our minds trying to make a decision about what we should dress up as this year, other talented people on the Interwebz are sharing some absolutely incredible makeup illusions that have you shook to your core.

This year, it seems like people are creating cool looks inspired by, well, pretty much anything you can think of! So far, we’ve seen several examples of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, pop art zombies and the coolest reimagined versions of Frankenstein that we’ve ever seen. NGL, you really have to see these makeup looks to believe ’em, and still, we can’t quite wrap our heads around how people are SO talented when it comes to beauty! Ready for some of the creepiest, yet coolest looks we’ve seen? Scroll through the gallery! Maybe it’ll give you the Halloween inspo you’ve been needing!