Happy Halloween from Teen.com! Now Look at What Scares the Bejesus Out of Us!

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Halloween’s not only an excuse to dress provocatively (and get away with it), it’s also about this one little thing: horror. Between the pee-your-pants creepy movies and ghoulish tracks, how can you not be terrified of All Hallow’s Eve? But since we like to get into the spirit of basc every holiday here at Teen.com, we’re about to reveal all of our worst anxiety-inducing, irrational fears that ultimately scare the bejesus out of us. Sigh, the things we do for you guys…

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“My biggest fear isn’t a tangible thing, but it’s still absolutely terrifying — heights. My sister recently went sky-diving and I pretty much thought she was clinically insane, considering I can’t even go on a roller coaster without crapping my pants (figuratively, you guys). I’m fine with airplanes and that kinda stuff, but anything involving jumping and a harness? No thanks.” — Haley, Associate Editor

“I know it’s kind of a cliché, but I am completely terrified of spiders. People always tease me for it. But seeing one, being near one or even thinking about one literally gives me an anxiety attack. The worst thing is that I can ALWAYS sense when they’re around me… and I’m too afraid to kill them. So I always find other people to do it for me. I’ve even had strangers kill them when they’re on the outside of my car ’cause I can’t drive while looking at them. It’s pretty serious.” — Jessica, Production Assistant

“My heart is pounding out of my chest just thinking about my biggest fear — needles. The word alone scares me. I can’t look at them. I can’t think about them. I can’t talk about them. I avoid them like the plague, which is bad because I’ll probably contract the plague from not being properly vaccinated. Yes, my mom still accompanies me to the doctor’s office like I’m 5 years-old (Thanks, Mom!), but who else is going to catch me when I pass out at the near thought of getting one? Sorry, Mom.” — Kristen, Editorial Intern

“I am SO AFRAID of snakes. Especially this python below (now dead, THANK GOD!) that swallowed a 76lb deer, which means it could’ve swallowed one of us. Like, if I see a snake on TV or in a movie, I have to close my eyes. You can probably call me lame considering there’s a piece of glass or a projector screen in between me and a deadly venomous bite, but just the thought of a slimy, slithery snake makes my skin crawl.” — Dan, Deputy Editor

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“My fear of flying is pretty much out of control. About five years ago, I started getting panic attacks in the air (no idea why). Then it escalated to complete freak-out mode before I even got onto a plane. Irrational? Maybe, since the chance of my plane crashing is basically slim-to-none. But it doesn’t stop me from thinking, ‘I’m about to take a nosedive 30,000 feet!'” — Alex, Editorial Intern

“It’s funny — I’ve had two hamsters, a guinea pig and a chinchilla as pets. But I will NEVER get over being terrified of mice and rats. (Yes, they’re all rodents. But they’re so NOT the same.) I get literal chills when I see them sprinting across the train tracks in NYC. It feels like they’re on me! So you can imagine my fear when that movie Willard about a guy and his disgusting pet rats came out, like, 10 years ago. I still get nightmares.” — Kaitlin, Editorial Coordinator

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What’s your biggest fear? Do you share any with any of the Teen.com eds? Don’t be shy — you can trust us!