17 Hacks to Create the Best Halloween Decorations Anyone’s Ever Seen

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Just because your costume game is strong doesn’t mean you’ve got Halloween in the bag completely. Believe it or not, there’s actually more to do in the fall than playing dress-up and eating candy with your friends. Additionally, you should stay in the spooky spirit all month long by putting as much effort into your decorations as you did your Harley Quinn ‘fit last year. Fill your front yard with more than a couple carved pumpkins by adding creepy crafts into the mix — and into the house!

Sound scary? It really isn’t. Decorating your home for the holiday can be the easiest, most inexpensive thing you’ve ever done if you follow these DIY hacks. So grab your girls and take a trip to the craft store, or just rummage around your closets. We’d be willing to bet you can get your hands on a balloon, some yarn, and maybe even a few toilet paper rolls, right? Some of the projects we rounded up are cute — and some are really creepy — but they all have one thing in common…they’re EASY AF!!

If you can handle the haunted house in your neighborhood every year, you can handle these. They’re frightfully simple, and we promise they won’t take too much time out of your day, or money from your wallet. But what they will do is turn your house (or bedroom if your parents aren’t into this kinda thing) into the hottest Halloween spot on the block! So what are you waiting for?

1. Put tealights in plastic cups & draw on some faces to create cute little characters.

2. Make a mummy hand out out masking tape.

3. Fill your front yard with ~glowing eyeballs~ with the help of leftover toilet paper rolls.

4. Turn party supplies into a witch hat that’s actually kinda glam.

5. Melt some wax, get rubber gloves and get a bit crafty and you’ll be able to have your own bloody-hand candle.

6. Have leftover Mardi Gras beads? Use ’em to create a blinged-out pumpkin.

7. Decorate a mason jar with leaves you found in your backyard.

8. Greet your guests with a massive spider using a gallon jug, duct tape and some foam pipes.

9. Turn a dryer vent into a pumpkin in literally 2 minutes.

10. Hang foam bats from a tree for a simple way to adorn the front of your house.

11. Craft a spooky candle by pouring red wax onto one that’s white.

12. Make a spell book from recycled books and Mod Podge (don’t worry — the pages stay in tact).

13. Turn paper towel rolls into fake candles that are safe for all ages.

14. Use yarn and pipe cleaners to create mini pumpkins that you can string together to hang around the house.

15. Paint a goblet, add some plastic bugs, and you have a creepy candy jar.

16. Coat some yarn with a water-glue mixture and wrap it around an inflated balloon. When it dries, simply pop the balloon and you have cool spider webs. Watch the tutorial here.

17. Glue googly eyes to ping pong ball and attach them to a plain wreath to give guest a special welcome.