12 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas, Based on 2017’s Biggest Movies

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We did it — we officially made it to October, which means that we can ~finally~ show our excitement for all things spooky and Halloween publicly without fear of being shamed for wanting it to be fall already when so many people are clinging to summer. In order to try to stay cool during an extremely hot first official week of fall, we may or may not have already searched through Pinterest to find the best DIY hacks for pumpkin carving. It’s never too early for pumpkins… right?

While the weather is still playing catch-up to the season, we have been dreaming up the perfect holiday decorations for our rooms house and, honestly, we can’t wait for weekends sitting by the fireplace and creating the best DIY Halloween decorations.

We would be lying if we said that we haven’t already began Instagram-stalking pretty much every major celeb and YouTuber for the perfect Halloween costume idea. Halloween costumes are extremely important, and it is the one time of year that we can dress up like someone else and go all out and not be judged. Nothing is worse than telling your friends what you’re planning to wear and have them tell you it’s basic, and it’s even worse when you show up and someone else DARED to wear the same costume.

Those situations are nightmares to us, and we want you to have the perfect scary Halloween… sans costume horror stories. We found some of the best and most creative costumes based on the BIGGEST movies of 2017 so you can get a head start on your costume planning. Some of these looks may take a while to create, but trust us, it will be totally worth it! From Baby Driver to Wonder Woman, these costumes will definitely make you stand out from the crowd: