The 11 Stages You Go Through When Planning a Costume (in GIFs)

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Hey, procrastinators! Anyone still unsure of what they’re dressing up as for Halloween? Been there. It’s a lot of pressure! Commiserate with these GIFs, expressing the stages you go through when trying to plan a last-minute costume:

While friends have known what they want to dress up as for weeks, you keep putting it off until one day… you realize that Halloween is less than two weeks away!

nicki minaj

They try to give you suggestions for costumes, but they took all the good ones. You’re like Katy Perry. “Shoo, shoo,” you say. “I can think of the perfect costume myself.”

katy perry shoo shoo

Your first thought is to do something fun and pop culture-y. Like Miley Cyrus or… her tongue? (We’ve got the perfect MiCy looks, FYI.)

miley cyrus tongue

But then you realize everyone will be doing that. Back to square one.

james franco realization

All your other ideas are questionable.

cher lloyd

It’s getting late, so you go through your closet and pick out the craziest things you own and try to justify a costume. We think you’re… a butterfly catcher with clown hair, Ariana Grande?

ariana grande dance

Then, realizing you don’t want to wear some crazy wig with no context, you think up a costume-not-costume. (It’s not any better.) “Oh, we’re… American?” We’re on to you, One Direction.

one direction american flag

 You are so frustrated and tired of Halloween you just can’t even.

harry style fabulous

Zoey Deutch is expressing, like, just a fraction of your pain.

zoey deutch funny

So you stop thinking about Halloween for a bit until it hits you — the perfect costume.

benedict cumberbatch epiphany

Fabulosity: ACHIEVED. Sanity: REGAINED. Yeah, we’ll try to plan better next year… but we probably won’t.

logan big time rush thumbs up

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