The Only Time We’re Judging You: The 10 Winners Of Our Halloween Costume Contest

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Before the holiday season truly begins, we’ve got one last piece of Halloween business to discuss (and it isn’t Kim K’s krazy kostume). Last week, we showed off our crazy costumes and asked you guys, our loyal readers, to send us photos of you in costume for our 2011 Halloween Costume Contest.

You sent in some great stuff, but we narrowed it down to the Top 10! Here are the winners who will all receive a meet-and-greet with the stars of Breaking Dawn fame and fortune (maybe?) on Teen.com. Mazel!

Best use of colored contact lenses

This girl took us back to 2009 with her crazy awesome costume as Neyteri from Avatar. We’re loving her makeup, braids and espesh those contacts.

Neyteri from Avatar

Best use of a cardboard box

Barbie + Ken in their packaging? Hilarious, cute and super creative!

Gym Barbie and Ken

Best reality TV star

This chick NAILS IT with her Snooki costume. Like, if we saw her from far away, we’re pretty sure we’d ask her if she was still with Jionni.


Best ’90s costume

Everyone loves a good group costume and that’s exactly what this is. Nostalgia and girl power? A #winning combination.

Spice Girls

Best makeup

We’d LOVE to know how long it took these two to transform their faces. Really, just looking at this photo long enough makes us never want to go to a kid’s birthday party ever again.

Freaky Clowns

Best sexy/scary costume

So it’s the universal question on Halloween: Go sexy or scary? These two do both with their White Swan/Black Swan outfits from the 2010 flick.

White Swan and Black Swan

Most obvious example of parents dressing up their kids

So we’re pretty sure these kids weren’t around when KISS was on the radio (unless they can time travel/are vampires who don’t age). So that means their parents dressed them up like this, and that’s why this photo gets our vote.


Most terrifying little kids

And yet another great photo of kids in amazing costumes. Why aren’t our parents this cool? Seriously, who dresses a kid up like Freddy Krueger? Only the best parents on Earth, of course.

Horror Movies

Funniest costume

We’re not really sure why this guy reads Teen.com or even what “Honey Bucket ‘on the go'” is, but this costume is hysterical so whatever.

Honey Bucket "on the go"

Most appropriate costume for our generation

Since we all spend about 90 percent of our life day on Facebook, this seems approps. No?


What do you think of our winners? Which one was your favorite? Think your costume was better? Tell us in the comments!