7 Ridiculously Easy Internet Meme Halloween Costumes

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If the scariest scenario you can think up is a world where Tumblr and Facebook don’t exist and the Internet disappeared forever (this is blood-chilling stuff, folks!), then why not express your online luuurve in your Halloween costume this year? These looks are for people who love the Internet so much, they want to be the Internet.

Gangnam Style
PSY’s hit is probably still stuck in your head. (And you thought “Call Me Maybe” would never be replaced, huh?) So dress up as everyone’s favorite Korean rapper in a blue, PSY-esque blazer, black bow tie, and sunglasses. Make sure you’ve nailed your horse dance before going out, though. Otherwise, you might disappoint.

YG Entertainment, ASOS, Hot Topic, Forever 21

Overly-Attached Girlfriend
Join the cult of Laina and be the Overly-Attached Girlfriend this Halloween. Sure, wear a turquoise T-shirt, get a bob wig if you feel like it. But your most important accessory? Crazy eyes! So make ’em wide and make ’em pop. Carry around a life-size cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber all night and ask people, “Have you met my boyfriend?”

YouTube, American Apparel, Justin Bieber Cutouts

Hipster Disney Princess
Dress up as your favorite Disney princess, and add hipster glasses. If you want to go truly classic, go Hipster Ariel and put on a red wig and mermaid suit (get started with a purple bikini top). Then just emote, friends. EMOTE.

Oh Internet, Amazon, Hot Topic

Botched Ecce Homo Painting
The good thing about this one is that if you’re a crappy artist, that can only help you. Get a brown Snuggie or wrap a brown blanket around yourself, print out (or reproduce!) that wonderful Jesus fresco face and make a DIY mask.

IB Times, Walmart

McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed
Slick your hair into a high pony with a white scrunchie, get a medal and athletic jacket, hold a bouquet. Then shower everyone with your look of disapproval.

Tumblr, Nike, American Apparel

Bad Luck Brian
If you have braces, you’re already halfway there. Procure an awkward red sweater vest and light blue shirt, and when people ask you if you’re dressed as a nerd, chalk up their misunderstanding to your bad luck. Bam!

Twitter, Kohl’s

Success Kid
But if you’re feeling a little bit more lucky, dress up as Success Kid. You basically only need a green and white quarter-length baseball tee and a handful of sand to hold in your fists. Grrr!

Know Your Meme, Anvil

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