10 Half-Up Hairstyle Tutorials People with Short Hair Should Try for Prom

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Can you smell that? Spring is (almost) in the air and you know what that means — prom is right around the corner! We know having short hair can make you feel limited with your hairstyle selection for the big night, but let us be the first to tell you that there’s SO MANY THINGS you can actually do, even if you don’t have long locks.

Want to wear your hair completely down? No problem! Feel more comfortable with an updo? Go for it! Can’t really decide between the two? No worries — there are many stunning styles featuring the good ol’ half-up, half-down technique. And guess what? They’re not that hard! Check out the tutorials below and start practicing — you’ll want to make sure you’re an expert before prom rolls around, especially if you’re planning to do your ‘do yourself!

1. We’re still LOVING the half-up bun ‘do, and adding a braid is a great way to spice it up a litte:



2. A simple half-up top knot works well, too!

3. Simply flick your wrist and you’ll get this sleek half-ponytail that looks sophisticated AF:

4. We know this ‘do looks complicated, but it’s basically just four twists pinned together:

5. First, create a half-ponytail. Then, create two braids and use them to cover the elastic. Finish with a pretty barrette and voila!



6. You can do this style even if you hair is SUPER short, which is totally awesome:

7. We know a half-up ponytail doesn’t sound like a prom-ready ‘do, but if you style it right it can be the perfect addition to your ensemble:

8. Go for a boho-chic look by making a few fishtail braids, loosening them up and pinning them back:

9. Make sure to tease at the crown to accomplish this cute, messy ‘do:

10. A braided crown is a classic style that works for almost every occasion — especially prom!

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