12 Hacks to Get the Perfect Half-Up Bun, Your Fave Celebs’ Go-To Hairstyle

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Buh-bye, sock bun; the hun is the new go-to ‘do! But wait — what does a term of endearment have anything to do with hair styles? A ‘hun’ is no longer just a cute pet name for your S.O.; it’s so much more.

We’ve seen stars like Kylie Jenner, Harry Styles and Vanessa Hudgens rocking the half-up bun for months now, and while it may have looked a bit strange at first, the hair trend has definitely taken off in the new year. But as many of you know, perfecting a messy, effortless style can actually be one of the hardest things to achieve; Such an oxymoron, right?! Jump on board with the new style ASAP with the help of these easy hacks:

1. A few twists are all it takes to get this chic style:

2. If you want to give you half-bun some more volume, use a teasing comb before you start wrapping it:

3. Short-haired girls can rock the hun, too! Simply grab some bobby pins and secure that bad boy into place.

4. Want to impress people with what seems to be a super-complicate hairdo? Try this twist:

5. We know you’ll be tempted to make sure everything is in place, but NGL — the messier the better! Here’s how a messy bun can turn super trendy:

6. While hair knots are usually the bane of your existence, this bad boy is gonna be your new BFF. SO EASY!

7. And speaking of knots, you can literally tie one in your hair, pin it in place, and get this cute, unkempt look:



8. Tease your hair at the crown to create a bouffant before you start working on the bun to give yourself some serious lift; the volume will remain even after you wrap and secure everything.

9. Feeling a little flirty? Transform a normal bun into a bow with just a few easy steps:

10. You can also add a series of braids to your style to give it a fun, festival-ready vibe:

11. Have a weird bald spot happening in your hun? Camouflage your scalp using eyeshadow!

12. And for another sneaky trick, you can use one weft of a hair extension to make your bun appear bigger and more voluminous!

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