9 Gorgeous Female Celebrities Who Rock the Heck Out of Their Facial Hair

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Hollywood Records

Hollywood Records

When you think of facial hair, your mind immediately goes to mustaches and beards. And while those two things are definitely the most common instances of hair on one’s face, sideburns are also an example. Think about it — cheeks are a part of the face, too! Kevin Jonas circa 2008 had some of the most intense facial whiskers we (and the rest of the world) had ever seen, and while he’s (thankfully) gotten rid of those bad boys since them, other female celebrities embrace their ~excessive hairiness~.

Even though Avan Jogia thinks girls don’t have sideburns (“Boyfriend sweetly kisses me, looks into my eyes and says, ‘I just realized that girls don’t have sideburns,'” his girlfriend Zoey Deutch once tweeted), it’s clear that he’s very, very wrong. Here are 9 insanely gorgeous female stars who rock the heck out of their wispy facial hair.