The Latest Disturbing, Yet Kinda Cool Beauty Trend is… Hair Nails!

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Every now and then a beauty trend comes along and leaves us #shooketh to the core, both in good and bad ways. Squiggle eyebrows and lips were kinda cool, not gonna lie, but also kinda disturbing. If you thought making your facial features look like waves was strange, wait until you see the new phenomenon visual illusion artist Dain Yoon created.

The 23-year-old Instagram star is known for creating designs on her body that literally will BLOW your freakin’ mind. But nothing attracted people’s attention quite like her latest artistic invention, hair nails.

The artist painted small portraits of herself on each of her fingernails, which, BTW, is absolutely incredible. She then took real pieces of her hair and glued them along her cuticles to give the illusion of locks growing out of a scalp.

Dain Yoon further showed off the realistic nature of the nail art with a video that — if we’re being honest — give us the willies. But then again, we cannot seem to stop watching it, so what does that tell you? WE’RE SO CONFUSED AND INTRIGUED AND AHHHH!

After doing a quick search on Instagram, it doesn’t look like many people have attempted to copy DY’s ~trend~, which is probably a good thing.

“Many people told me I should delete my photos before [they start] becoming a new trend,” the illusionist wrote on Twitter after her original post went viral.

The Internet is such an interesting place, isn’t it? One day people are painting their nails with OPI and Essie polishes and the next they’re gluing pieces of hair from their scalp onto them. Ah, you guys keep us young!