7 of Hailey Baldwin’s Most Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions

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When you’re a jet-setting model like Hailey Baldwin, you have to make sure you look good, like, all the time. The 21-year-old is basically always on top of her style game, but we all know that the most iconic and memorable fashion moments are usually results of taking risks, and HB has definitely worked some bold looks that only she could pull off.

Even though we personally could NEVER rock the outfits that Hailey does on the daily, we have no problem admiring her gutsy fashion sense from afar. Unfortunately, being risky with her wardrobe has sometimes led the blonde beauty to have some pretty major malfunctions. Even though her outfits don’t go terribly wrong all that often, she has had a few fashion mishaps over the years. Take a look: