Hailey Baldwin Straight Up LIED to Kendall Jenner About Justin Bieber

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The latest episode of Carpool Karaoke: The Series is boldly going where no driver has ever gone before. On it, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin are hanging out and driving around Los Angeles, California; sounds normal, right? Well, host James Corden actually took things to the next level and hooked up Hails to a lie-detector test for the duration of the ride. See? Told you things were getting wild!

During the drive Kenny was in charge of asking Justin Bieber‘s wife questions while a lie detector expert read the outcome of Hailey’s answers in the back seat. For the most part, the blonde passed the test. However, the model found herself in a bit of a predicament when the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star asked her whether or not the Biebs thinks she (Kendall) is cool.

“Of course!” Hailey quickly responded, but the guy in the back was quick to shut her answer down.

“That’s a lie.” Ouchhh.

Don’t worry, though; Kendall didn’t take the diss too personally and actually couldn’t stop laughing when she realized her bestie was lying.

We don’t blame her for keeping things light, because it’s clear that the Biebs makes HB super happy. In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the 21-year-old couldn’t stop gushing about her hubby.

She said, “He is incredible. He crushes everything. Every song, every feature. It’s crazy to see what he does. I’m always blown away.”

It’s very clear that JB is working hard to be the best husband he can be, which is the primary reason he’s taken a step back from his music in order to concentrate on his marriage. We gotta admit, we love these two together!