Who is Hailey Baldwin? 8 Fast Facts About Justin Bieber’s New Fiancée

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Although Hailey Baldwin has been making headlines for quite some time now, it’s possible you didn’t recognize her name before she became romantically linked to Justin Bieber in 2015. But we’re sure that now you know exactly who she is since she’s freakin’ engaged to Justin! Yep, we’re totally freaking out, as is the whole Internet. The romance happened so, so fast but so, so flawlessly. And, TBH, the two of them look so good together, whether it’s them kissing on the beach or stranded on the road after their car breaks down (yes, that really did happen!).

But past her high-profile modeling career, who really is Hailey? What do we know about the soon-to-be (well, maybe) bride? Thankfully, because of her super-famous family, we know a ton of facts about this stunning starlet. And yeah, they’re about to leave you half shook-half very happy for Justin. Here are eight fast facts about Hailey that you probably didn’t know: