Hailey Baldwin Knows Who Will Stand by Her Side as She Marries Justin

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Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber have only been engaged for less than two weeks, but the model is already thinking about the big day. The couple reportedly wants to have a “very small wedding” and the 21-year-old has selected two very important women to stand by her side as bridesmaids.

HB’s aunt, Kim Basinger, who was married to uncle Alec Baldwin from 1993-2002, dished the dirt on the upcoming nuptials, including who is going to be in the bridal party.

“Oh, it’ll be fun,” the actress says of the Jailey wedding. “[Hailey’s sister] Alaia [Baldwin] and [cousin] Ireland [Baldwin], they’re in the wedding. So believe me, I just — it’s cool! I think it’s sweet. It’s a very sweet thing. Happiness… We’re living in some really dire times right now.”

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As for Hailey’s selection of fiancé, the 64-year-old thinks, even though she doesn’t know The Biebs that well, that her niece made a great choice.

She tells Us Weekly, “I’m very, very happy for Hailey. I think it’s a good thing. I think Justin’s a cool guy. I don’t really know him at all, but Ireland does, you know? I think he’s come through a rough road. He’s a really cool kid. I pray for them. I hope they’re cool. I hope they’re happy! It’s wild! I think it’s wild!”

Justin and Hailey’s engagement is definitely wild, if you ask us, but there’s no doubt that the celebrities are EXTREMELY happy together, and that’s all that matters.