Hailee Steinfeld Can Shoot a Gun, But Still Needs Mom to See Black Swan (Exclusive Interview)

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We thought we knew everything there was to know about True Grit‘s leading lady Hailee Steinfeld, but we had the chance to chat with the soon-to-be superstar and she gave us some serious inside scoop! Like that she never misses an episode of Pretty Little Liars, and that her bestie is on Shake It Up! with Bella Thorne. Who knew?!

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She also dished on costar Matt Damon, and told us who her biggest celeb crush is.

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Teen.com: True Grit is such an adult movie. Could you ever see yourself as a Disney princess?
Hailee Steinfeld: Before I got True Grit, I actually shot a Nickelodeon pilot. I was in an ensemble cast and it was a lot of fun to film. One of my best friends is on a Disney Show – Adam Irigoyen, he’s on Shake It Up!, so I’m with him on set all the time and it’s such a kid-friendly environment. It’s such a family, so I would definitely love to get the opportunity to do that and then of course do more of the True Grit side. I love them both!

Teen.com: We love Shake It Up! What’s it like behind the scenes?
Hailee Steinfeld: It’s so much fun! The energy level is always up. You walk through the halls of the dressing room and somebody’s always got music going, a dance party, it’s always so much fun there!

Teen.com: So what did you learn from being around veterans like Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon?
Hailee Steinfeld: I learned a lot. I have to say though, I learned more just by watching them. It’s not so much that they personally taught me something, but I was fortunate enough to spend three and a half months with them, so I learned a lot just by being in their presence.

Teen.com: Did you pick up any bad habits from them?
Hailee Steinfeld: I had a curse word jar and I actually charged them every time they did it. The f word was $5 and any other word was a $1. It was about a month and a half into filming, we were all in the trailer. It was Matt (Damon), Josh (Brolin), Jeff (Bridges) and myself. I was having a conversation with the make-up artist and the three guys were having their own conversation. I was not eavesdropping, but they used the f word so I yelled out $5 and they looked at me like, “This is not fair. You’re catching us off guard. This is not cool.” So they said, “We’re going to designate you a word. If you say the word “like” it cost 50 cents.”

Teen.com: Tell us something that most people wouldn’t know about Matt Damon?
Hailee Steinfeld: Matt…has an iPad but all he does with it is play scrabble.

Teen.com: You look like a total pro shooting guns in the movie? Are you a hunter now?
Hailee Steinfeld: Totally! No, before I went on location I had my dad take me to a shooting range with a friend of ours who is a LAPD officer so he kind of told me everything I needed to know there. And I’ve actually forgotten it all, but I promise I would never need to use it again.

Teen.com: Who’s your biggest crush?
Hailee Steinfeld: I’ve been meeting a lot of cool people and I get really starstruck. I met Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg, so that’s all I’ve been talking about since the day I met them. They are so sweet. I went up to Justin and he was actually at the LA screening of True Grit and I saw him after the film and I went up to him and he looked at me and recognized me and was like “You’re amazing! Are you so excited?” and I was so starstruck so I had no idea what was coming out of my mouth. I said “Well, I’m actually kind of more excited that you’re here but the movie was good!”

Teen.com: Adorbs! Your red carpet dresses are seriously impressive. Whose style do you admire?
Hailee Steinfeld: Emma Watson, I love her style! She’s amazing! You know it’s kind of funny, because of all this red carpet stuff, I’ve kind of gotten into it very quickly. I just got subscriptions to magazines like Teen Vogue and InStyle.

Teen.com: What TV shows are you addicted to?
Hailee Steinfeld: Pretty Little Liars has always been a favorite of mine and I love how it’s the kind of show where you can’t skip an episode, you have to watch it all. I’ve been trying so hard to keep up. Glee is amazing! And I’ll give a shout out to my boy Adam and say Shake It Up!

Teen.com: Do you get stopped on the street yet?
Hailee Steinfeld: I don’t. And it’s funny, because I actually was talking to someone yesterday and she brought up True Grit and it was the funniest thing because I didn’t want to say, “I’m the girl in the movie.” She was just talking like “Oh yeah, the little girl in the movie was good.” She finally got the hint and was like, “Oh my god, you look nothing like you do in the movie!”

Teen.com: Hilarious! So True Grit is a major Oscar contender. Are you going to size up the competition by seeing other buzz-worthy movies, like Black Swan?
Hailee Steinfeld: I haven’t, but it’s rated R right? Maybe if my mom sees it I can go with her.