Stuck on What to Wear for Prom? Look No Further Than Hailee Steinfeld

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If Hollywood was high school, Hailee Steinfeld would be this year’s prom queen. She’s best dressed at every single fancy event she steps foot in, and even though she wears the trendiest of dresses, she never looks like a total fashion victim.

Take a cue from this young starlet and try one of these trends for prom!

Do you want something elegant? Try a figure-hugging column dress, like Hailee’s dress at SAG Awards. Not interested in princess-y pastels? Go for a chic white gown, like her get-up at the Golden Globes. Want to show off your shoes? A tea-length dress is the trend for you. Other trends you can’t miss include asymmetrical necklines, embellished sleeves, tiered skirts, metallic finishes, and colorful accessories.