The Click: Who Is Hailee Steinfeld’s Celeb Inspiration?

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The gorg Hailee Steinfeld spills on what other young Oscar nominee she looks up to. Any guesses? [Just Jared]

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted checking out of a hotel — together! We’re pretty sure that’s all the relationship proof we need. [4TNZ]

If you weren’t going to watch the American Idol finale, this might change your mind…Lady Gaga is set to perform on it! [Hollywire]

Ten things you don’t know about Chace Crawford! You’ll never guess his fave girly movie. [Wetpaint]

Jimmy Kimmel has given Lindsay Lohan a job! And uh, we guess humping is something LiLo’s good at… [Posh24]

Wow, Miranda Cosgrove has come pretty far in the style department! Watch her go from adorable to absolutely gorgeous! [Seventeen]

Has the teenage Renesmee been cast for Breaking Dawn. Uh, maybe. But who’s the possibly lucky lady? [JSYK]

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