From Our BFFs: Do You Think Hailee Steinfeld Is a Good Miu Miu Model?

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Just Jared Jr

Hailee Steinfeld, is that you? We think the gorg actress looks pretty and oh-so-grown-up in her new ads for Miu Miu! Do you? [Just Jared Jr.]

OMG, you guys, Selena Gomez totally thanked Justin Bieber in the booklet of her new album. Is that cute or what?! [M]

And speaking of cute, you’re def gonna wanna watch this vintage vid of a baby (or at least pre-pubescent) Bieber! [PopDust]

Kids, don’t text and drive! Why, you ask? Because Justin Bieber says so. And what Bieber says goes. End of story. [JSYK]

Sean Parker may like Facebook, but Justin Timberlake likes…Myspace?! Ok then. [Posh 24]

Javier Colon was the lucky (and first!) winner of The Voice last night! But did host Carson Daly almost screw up the ballot? [Cambio]

Monte Carlo comes out tomorrow (finally!) and let’s just say these set visits with Cory Monteith, Selena Gomez and more just got us even more majorly excited. [Seventeen]

One of our fave gleeks is getting a lot more screen time in season 3 of Glee! And his name is Jacob Ben Israel… [Wetpaint]

Contrary to what everyone you might think, Miley Cyrus is actually a really good person. At least it seems that way in this vid… [Hollywire]

Have you dreamed about becoming a model or actor and having us write about you on Teen.com? Uh yeah, who hasn’t? Find out how you can make your dream a reality. [Barbizon]

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