One of Your Favorite Singers Was Actually Up for 7 HUGE Movie Roles!

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Not all artists start out doing what they’re known for today. In fact, before Hailee Steinfeld jumped into the singing world this year, her entire career had consisted of solely acting! Crazy, right?! She seems like such an old pro! From an Oscar nomination to her most recent role in Pitch Perfect 2, this “Love Myself” singer has quite the resume…but that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t also had her downfalls.

If things had gone as planned, Haiz may have landed the lead role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, which means she would’ve been committed to that franchise for a lonnnnng time. BUH-BYE, singing career. No wonder why they say everything happens for a reason… Here are the crazy HUGE roles this pop star almost landed over the years.