7 Hollywood Hotties That Have Been Romantically Linked to Hailee Steinfeld

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Hailee Steinfeld first emerged on the Hollywood scene back when she was only 13 years old and her Academy Award-nominated film True Grit premiered, scoring the beauty a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nom. Now 20, she’s back doing the award circuit for her coming-of-age comedy, The Edge of Seventeen. In between starring in these critically acclaimed movies, she also released an EP called Haiz and her song “Starving” with Grey featuring Zedd is currently a chart-topper. Basically, this girl is a freakin’ catch: talented actress, singer and model, great sense of humor and obvs drop-dead gorgeous.

Let’s just say, we’re not the only ones who have noticed. During her years in the entertainment industry, she’s been at the center of a ton of dating rumors with basically showbiz’s most eligible young bachelors. While they can’t all be true (or can they?), they also can’t all be false! Her current bae is a total hunk and the other six dudes she’s been caught hanging with aren’t too bad looking either!