12 of the Funniest ‘Gym Kardashian’ Memes You NEED in Your Life

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Get ready because this is about to be the best thing you’ve seen all day! ‘Gym Kardashian’ memes are taking over the internet, and they’re exactly what they sound like — pictures of Kim Kardashian where she looks like she’s been hitting the gym HARD. These pictures of her all muscled up has us dying, but the reality star still hasn’t said anything about it on social. Come on, Kim, this is too iconic to ignore!

So until she chooses to respond, we’ll just keep obsessing over these memes — and hoping Jay Paul George, the man who has basically dedicated his life to creating these hilar images, keeps blessing us with more of these Photoshopped pics on Twitter.

1. And so it begins…

2. Coming soon to a Hallmark near you:

3. Relatable AF.

4. DEAD.

5. These are killing us!

6. Talk about intimidating.

7. Think again!

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8. Every. Single. Time.


10. Aren’t we all?

11. Heck yeah you do!

12. Fitspo!