O-M-Glee! You’ll Never Guess Which Couple Needs Holly Holiday’s Sex Therapy

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This week was a rough one to get through without our Tuesday night Glee fix, but somehow we have a good feeling that next week’s episode, “Sexy”, will more than make up for it. The title alone? We are so intrigued! The eppie marks Gwyneth Paltrow‘s epic return to the show, where she plays McKinley’s sex ed teacher. OMG. And you’ll never guess which couple is the one needing sex therapy…

According to EW.com, it’s — spoiler alert! — Carl and Emma! Personally our money was on Artie and Brittany for that one.

As for a little sex romance for Will and Holly? Matthew Morrison said:

“By the end of the episode, we kind of get together. She has to leave again but there’s a possibility of a future between Will and Holly.”

Yes! So excited! Take a listen to Gwyneth’s songs from next week’s ep below and tell us — are you happy she’s returning to Glee?