O-M-Glee! Gwyneth Paltrow Will Give Matthew Morrison a Lesson in Sex Ed

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Yay! Our biggest Glee wish has finally come true! Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Gwyneth Paltrow will be returning to McKinley High for two new episodes in the Spring!

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But Holly Holiday will be a substitute no more. The show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, revealed Holly’s moving up in McKinley to be a sex ed teacher — and Mr. Schue’s love interest! OMFG!

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Ryan said:

“Gwyneth is coming back for two episodes. She’s coming back specifically to date Will [Matthew Morrison]. Those two have become really good friends in real life and had really good chemistry. She’s coming back as a sex education teacher. Gwyneth and I are emailing, talking every week: What are we gonna sing? We’re trying to do something fantastic. So she’ll be [in episodes] 15 and 16.”

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