Ranking the Musicians Who Went From Groups to Solo Artists

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Head Over Feels

Head Over Feels

Someone from *NSYNC‘s got new music out! But it’s not Justin Timberlake, or even JC Chasez. No no, it’s actually… Lance Bass. We know, pretty unbelievable, right? After 12 long years, the spiky-haired blond dropped his first single, “Walking On Air.”

The newly-solo musician says of the track (via E! Online), “For the last two years, I’ve been listening to demos, just trying to figure out if I want to get back in the studio. I hadn’t heard anything that resonated with me. But a couple of months ago, a track from Anise K landed in my lap from a friend of mine and he was like, ‘I think this will be your first song.'” The rest is history.

This got us to thinking of the many other peeps who jumped ship from boy bands or girl groups to solo artists. And we’re ranking 16 of ’em from worst to first. (NOTE: Only one person will be used to represent the various bands. In other words, Beyonce is included, but not Kelly Rowland or Michelle Williams; this would just take a long freaking time otherwise.)