20 Problems You’ll Only Understand If You’re in A Group Text

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I think we can all agree that group texts are simultaneously the best and worst things to happen to cell phones since text messages started. Sometimes being in a group text with a few of your closest friends is hilarious and very efficient. Other times, you want to throw your phone out the window with every chiming text alert because why, WHY, is it 2014 and yet we still cannot opt out of a group text on our own on iPhones?

I mean, sure, group texts can be really amazing. But then sometimes they’re exactly like this College Humor depiction of group chats (which made me actually cry from laughing). There are so many annoying things about them that can very easily outweigh the good things. But we can’t just stop being in group texts altogether because, one, we don’t always ask to be in them, and two, we’ll miss out on everything. In the end, we all deal with all of the annoying stuff… but that doesn’t mean we can’t complain about it. Here are 20 problems you’ll only understand if you’re in a group text:

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