Listen Up! Greyson Chance’s “Running Away” Just Makes Us Wanna Cuddle With Him

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Nothing like a Saturday filled with Greyson Chance, huh? Though we’ve been listening to his album, Hold On ’til the Night, over and over again, we’ve still been waiting to hear what his next single would be… (Hello, it’s been a whole summer since “Unfriend You” happened!) Fortch, Greyson just let us know via Twitter:

“This song was one of the hardest for me to write,very sad.Thanks to the fan who uploaded! One of my faves..”Running Away’.”

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One of our faves, too! Listen to the track & tell us if Greys made the right choice…

No lie, we’re obsessed! Were you hoping Grey’d pick a different single? What do you think the music vid for this song will be like? Spill below!