Must-Watch Vid: Greyson Chance Plays A Prodigy (aka Himself) in His TV Debut!

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Greyson ChanceWe’re not exactly avid Raising Hope watchers. But when we heard that Greyson Chance was making his primetime TV debut on the season premiere ep (it was on last night!), we figured we’d give the show a shot. Not only did we get to experience Grey’s killer pipes and amazeballs piano skills, but we can now see his acting chops!

And, if we’re being honest…

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…he has ’em! So there you have it. He can act, sing and play the piano — the holy trinity! Watch a clip from Greyson’s debut below:

“At one point in your life, you might’ve been… amazingly talented.” Hilar! Did you get a chance to watch the ep? What other show could you picture Greyson guest-starring on? You can tell us anything here.