Greyson Chance’s New Music Video! And OMG, It’s Black and White! (Video)

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Greyson Chance Hold On Till the Night VideoUm, why is Greyson Chance SO FREAKIN’ TALENTED! It’s like the kid has no idea that there are a million other 14-year-olds like Rebecca Black in the world who have no talent whatsoever and could use some of his. Such a HOG!

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Watch Grey’s new vid for his new song, “Hold On Till The Night” (also the title of his album) and you’ll totally get what we’re saying. He sings. He plays piano. He walks around in a room full of light bulbs like it’s nothing. TALENT, you guys!

Amazing, right? Did we tell ya or what? Do you like the song? What’s your fave of Greyson’s videos? Think this one needs some Ariana Grande like this video had? Share here!