Gregg Sulkin Set to Star in ‘Delirium’ Pilot Alongside Emma Roberts

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Congratulations are in order for Wizards of Waverly Place star Gregg Sulkin — he’s officially part of FOX’s Delirium pilot. Deadline is reporting that the dreamy British actor has been cast as Julien Fineman in the potential series, where Emma Roberts is playing the lead role of Lena Holoway.

Based on Lauren Oliver‘s YA novel of the same name, the book centers on a society that has banned love, and makes 18-year-olds undergo a procedure so they can’t experience the emotion. However, with only a few weeks before she’s to have the procedure done, Lena (Emma) does the unthinkable and falls in love.

The casting of Gregg as Julien, and Billy Campbell as his dad Thomas, is an interesting reveal for those who have read the books, since (spoiler!) these characters don’t really show up until the second book, Pandemonium. It looks like they’ll be combining the books for the upcoming pilot. There’s definitely a lot of buzz surround this particular pilot, as it’s being written by Karyn Usher who has written for both hit FOX shows Prison Break and Bones.

In addition to the Wizards of Waverly Place special in March, you can also catch Gregg on Pretty Little Liars as Ezra’s little bro Wesley.

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