Hottie of the Week: Gregg Sulkin

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You may have heard of this little TV movie called Avalon High, which airs tomorrow on Disney channel. But if you haven’t, you’re going to wanna watch it for one very good (um, hot) reason — Gregg Sulkin.

With the cutest, most perfect little smile and, oh yeah, a British accent, Gregg was a very obvious choice for this week’s top honor of Hottie of the Week.

Does the extra ‘G’ is his name stand for “gorgeous?” From the looks of these pics, we’re thinking yes! See for yourself…

And oh, you may recognize Gregg as Mason from Wizards of Waverly Place, JJ on the British show As The World Turns, or as Debby Ryan‘s BGF. But you’ll be seeing lots more of him in the next few months — which, clearly, isn’t a bad thing — considering he’s landed a lead role as a rebellious kid from a broken home in the upcoming movie, Camilla Dickenson.

Are you going to check out Gregg’s new movie? Which pic is your fave? Tell us in the comments!