Nick Crompton Says Jake Paul’s Dad Verbally Abused Team 10 Members

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Three people — Nick Crompton, Chance Sutton and Drake Rehfeld — left Team 10 in less than a week, which was definitely suspicious. The YouTube crew’s former Chief Operations Officer was the one who gave the most details about what was going on, saying that “internal changes being made…that [he doesn’t] agree with” caused his departure.

YouTuber Keemstar, founder of the channel DramaAlert, looked into this a little bit more and reported Jake and Logan Paul‘s dad, Greg Paul, was the one making the changes and causing the problems.

“Jake Paul’s father, known as Greg Paul, has completely taken over Jake Paul and Logan Paul’s businesses,” the 35-year-old explained. “And he’s planning to do a merger with the two. […] Nick Crompton absolutely hates Greg Paul. Apparently Greg Paul doesn’t know how to act. He’s calling people ‘whores’ and ‘c**t’ and derogatory terms at work.”

The 54-year-old seemingly responded to these allegations on Twitter, tweeting that nothing shady has been going on and any changes being made are just to better the business.

Nick, however, disagrees with this statement and fired back at his former boss’ father. The 23-year-old says internal auditing isn’t the problem, but the fact that Greg “verbally abused” members of Team 10 is.

Greg, Logan and Jake have all remained silent regarding the Brit’s claims.