How This Awkward. Star Turns Her Character On and Off

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In addition to the extremely awkward (no pun intended) moments on Awkward., one of the most memorable things about the MTV show is Lissa Miller. Between her voice, her ditsy personality and her HILARIOUS one-liners, the character played by Greer Grammer is perhaps the GOAT of all sitcoms. Seeing as the blonde is so ~influential~ in the TV world, you’d THINK it’s be hard for the actress to go from playing her to other (much different) roles. But alas — according to Greer, it’s really not.

“I bring Lissa into a lot of my daily life, but she’s pretty easy to keep at bay when I’m acting in other roles,” she told us.

The 24-year-old actress stepped away from the dimwitted character in order to play a much different role for her movie, Emma’s Chance, which goes something like this: “While fulfilling her community service hours at a horse rescue ranch, Emma forms an unlikely bond with an abused show horse who won’t let anyone ride him. Gaining new skills and confidence, Emma hatches a plan to redeem herself and ultimately save the ranch she’s grown to love.

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Sounds pretty darn opposite of Lissa, right? Well, not so much. In fact, Kelsey Grammer’s daughter says it was actually a different role that got her to step away from Ms. Miller and try something new.

“In between season five of Awkward. and Emmas Chance I did Mason’s Lost Girls for Lifetime and THAT totally got me out of Lissa. It was a completely different movie all about Charles Manson, and it was so drastically different that it was more seamless to go through that to Emma, which is nothing like the other two. She’s kinda like Lissa in small ways, [so] it wasn’t that hard.”

Greer was also able “to use [her] real voice, which was cool” and really helped her step into someone else’s shoes. You can watch the blonde take on this new role in Emma’s Choice available now!

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