Teen.com Endorses: Green Lantern! 5 Reasons to See It

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By now you’ve heard the hype about Green Lantern, starring two of the most gorg people on the planet, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. And let us tell you that we saw the flick already and, yes, it does in fact live up to to the hype. It’s full of action and special effects and, duh, romance too, so that even if you’re not into comic books and actually have no idea that Green Lantern is a superhero and not just some silly made-up name, odds are you’ll still like it.

Not convinced yet? Fine, we’ll give you five more reasons you’ll def wanna see it….

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1. Ryan Reynolds is hot. This probably goes without saying, but seeing Mr. Reynolds in 3-D and in a skintight spandex suit, no less, is the number one reason to see the flick. And, BTW, there are a few scenes of him shirtless. And by a few we mean plenty. Yum.
2. Blake Lively is one tough chick. Blake is so not Serena in this movie, playing Carol Ferris, a bad ass chick who drives planes and hangs out with all the dudes. Plus, she’s brunette in it so, yeah, there’s that.
3. The special effects are out of this world. Literally though, you’ll want to hop on a space ship and trek through to another galaxy like Ryan’s character, Hal, does in the movie. The other planet kind of looks like Avatar‘s world but with people that are green instead of blue.
4. It’s funny. No, really. You prob think there’s not too much humor in a movie about a comic book superhero, but the one-liners are actually hilarious. One of our faves? “Watch your back,” to which Ryan’s character says, “That’s impossible, Bob.” Ha.
5. It’s got a good message. But not in one of those sappy, preachy, ways. It’s just about overcoming your fear and being confident and living up to your responsibilities, which we think any teen or, well, person in general, can relate to.

Green Lantern hits theaters this weekend! Are you going to see it? Think Ryan and Blake make a cute on-screen couple?! Tell us!