Reason Number 3 We’re Excited for January: Greek

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We weren’t sure if Greek would be done for good after season 3’s cliffhanger back in March, but, alas, it’s coming back to our tubes on January 3 for its fourth and final season. But the only catch? This season, we’ll see our fave CRU students Casey, Cappie, Ashleigh and the gang post-college as they’re dealing with job-searching, grad school, and trying to adjust to living in a house that doesn’t have parties on the regular. Sigh.

So where’d we leave off last season? And what’s to come on season 4? Click on to find out!

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1. Evan gives up his trust fund.
2. Casey gets into law school in Washington DC and gets rejected from CRU Law. Good for her and all, but then she and Cappie break up because long distance relationships never work out. Think they’ll get back together?
3. Rusty Won a Grant that both he and his super braniac roomie, Dale, both applied for. Uh oh…
4. Ashleigh had some relationship drama, dating a hot chef, Fischer. But after breaking up with him after he smooched Rebecca, she finally came to her senses and took him back.
5. Calvin came out to his frat brothers! Finally! And, of course, the bros weren’t surprised at all.

Are you excited for the fourth and final season? What do you hope happens on this season? Tell us below!