You’ll Never Look at Grease the Same Way Again After These Creepy Theories

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Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion // Grease is the way we are feeling…” Perhaps that’s why Grease: Live won so many Emmy Awards at this week’s Creative Arts ceremony — FOUR trophies! It was the first of the current crop of live TV musicals, including the recent editions of The Sound of Music, Peter Pan and The Wiz!, to win multiple Emmys and the first to land a Special Class Program award, the top category it was competing in.

With all this talk of Grease, we couldn’t help but look at the fan theories surrounding the original musical movie. Let us tell you, the results are far from a “Beauty School Dropout”-like dream sequence. See for yourself:

1. Sandy drowned. An old Grease fan theory recently resurfaced, which suggests that the entire film is a “drowning woman’s coma fantasy.” TL;DR, Sandy drowned on the beach the day she and Danny met, went into a coma and played out the events of the flick in her head. At the end, when she and Danny fly off in Greased Lightning, that was a symbol of her dying and going to Heaven.

(So much for Danny singing, “I saved her life // She nearly drowned,” in “Summer Nights.”)

According to TMZ, Grease co-creator Jim Jacobs debunked the theory, and is fairly certain that the OG theorist “was on acid.”

2. Sandy committed suicide. “Sandy, you must start anew // Don’t you know what you must do?” Olivia Newton-John‘s character is said to have taken her own life during her tune after the race. Gives a whole new meaning to “Goodbye to Sandra Dee,” doesn’t it?

3. Danny died in the car race. Unwilling to believe that Sandy was the dead one in the story, a Reddit user claims that Danny succumbs to injuries in the car race. “The movie from the point of the ~near accident~ to the very end is the beginning of his afterlife.” That’s why everything went so smoothly in his life after the race ended.

4. Sandy and Danny both died. The whole thing is their final dream.

Grease: Live marked a bittersweet moment for Vanessa Hudgens ’cause she lost her dad to cancer 24 hours prior to airtime. And, sadly, all of these stars know what it’s like to lose their father to the same deadly disease: