Dolan Twins Forced to Go to Hospital After Filming YouTube Vid Went Wrong

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Ethan and Grayson Dolan, better known as The Dolan Twins, are always SUPER active online, so when they didn’t post their second video and went a bit M.I.A. from social media last week, fans knew something was wrong. Supporters were even more concerned because, just prior to their Internet disappearance, Ethan tweeted, “I’m done faking it I’m honestly at a really sh*tty place mentally.” The boys promised to give everyone an explanation about what was going on behind the scenes, and they did just that.

ED says he and his brother were filming a video last week like normal, but didn’t feel very confident about it and was also very stressed.

“It’s hard to make a comedy video that people are gonna laugh at when, on the inside, you feel like breaking down, curling into a ball, and not having to deal with anything in the world,” he explains.

The boys, who were “both at really low points mentally,” were halfway through making the vid when they realized things weren’t going as planned and it wouldn’t be possible to finish. Ethan “got really stressed out and started to lose control of [himself].”

“My brain is just taking over my body at this point, and my brain isn’t in a good place.”

Grayson tried to help calm his twin down, but the boys ended up falling to the floor and GD broke his finger. This exacerbated Ethan’s poor mental state and he ended up punching a glass window, which caused “the worst wound [he’s] ever had in [his] life.”

Both Dolan boys obviously needed medical attention and they were taken to the hospital to get patched up. The next day, doctors discovered that Ethan still had glass in his hand, which had already been stitched up, so they had to take him into surgery.

Basically, the Dolan Twins have been putting their own happiness and mental health on the back burner to make everyone around them feel good, and everything came to a dramatic head this past week.

“Moral of the story is to be honest with yourself,” Ethan concluded. “It’s better to feel sad than fake your feelings.”

Here’s the full video: