Grayson Dolan Denies Rumors That He’s Dating James Charles

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If you keep up with the lives of YouTubers, there’s a pretty good chance you’re already aware of all the rumors surrounding the Dolan Twins. For example, speculation that Ethan Dolan is dating Emma Chamberlain recently began. In addition to that, there has also been whispers among fans that Grayson Dolan might be in a relationship with none other than beauty guru James Charles. In a recent video posted by the twins, however, the rumor is tackled head-on there was no room for lies

In the 18-year-olds’ latest vid, the boys are hooked up to a lie detector and are asked a series of questions. If they tell the truth, they get to move on to the next question without elaborating. However, if they gets caught in a lie, the rule is that they must explain. After truthfully answering questions about whether he would date a fan (no) or if he thought was better looking than his brother (yes), Grayson had to answer a question that came directly from the 19-year-old beauty guru — “Will you marry me?”

Unsurprisingly, Gray rejected James’ proposal. However, the lie detector test was having an issue with his response. After laughing it off with his brother, Ethan said, “Alright, we don’t need to make that rumor any bigger. Should we just say that Grayson and James are obviously not f*cking dating? Should we just say it?”

Grayson then added that he thinks it’s “pretty apparent” that he and JC aren’t together romantically and that he didn’t think it even had to be addressed.

At the end of all that, though, Ethan did joke that his brother might actually wind up marrying James. Funny enough, Grayson responded by saying, “True, because he’s rich.” LOL.

We don’t know about you, but we think that pretty much clears things up. However, if you’re not fully convinced that the two aren’t together together, the YouTuber answered another question while hooked up to the lie detector test asking whether or not it gets to him when people assume his sexuality.

“I don’t really care. I know who I am,” he replied. Which, — SPOILER ALERT — turned out to be true, according to the polygraph! Well, there you have it, folks! Consider this rumor DEBUNKED.