NOOOOO! Longtime YouTube Couple Broke Up Weeks Ago & You Had No Idea

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Out of all the adorable couples on YouTube, Grayson Burger (Pirategray) and Ty Moss (TyMoss) were the two that we expected to break up the least. The pair started dating way back in 2010 and have documented their lives, relationship, etc. on the site with both shared on personal videos ever since. It breaks our hearts to say this, but the couple we thought would be together forever has called it quits.

“It’s not that we hated each other…it’s just that it wasn’t working anymore,” the 24-year-old man said in his videos addressing speculation (Ty and Gray hadn’t been filming together much during the end of 2016) that they decided to break up. “I need to do my own thing and Gray needs to do her own thing. Some things just don’t work out; that’s just how life is. You go separate ways. You grow apart. It sucks. I still love Gray.”

The exes decided that the 24-year-old girl will keep their dog, Mac, which is something that the 24-year-old gets “upset even talking about.”

Even though Grayson and Ty broke up “a few weeks ago now,” the Southern guy still says posting a video explaining the situation “sucks” and is super hard. “I didn’t want to make this video,” he repeats over and over again.

“The reason I’m doing this is because I know you guys have watched us for six years and look up to us and stuff and I don’t want to let you guys down.”

You can watch Ty’s full video below:

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