From Our BFFS: What Happens When Your Grandparents Learn to Dubstep?

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Oh, grandparents. They say the darndest things. Especially these two, caught on web cam, as they learn about dubstep music for the first time. PS: The best part is at the end.

No surprise here — Rihanna and Beyonce were just as talented when they were teens. And these vintage vids prove it! [HuffPost High School]

At Z100’s Jingleball in NYC, Demi Lovato and Kelly Clarkson teamed up for a festive duet. Um, guys, we need a new song from you two right this second. [Cambio]

Ok, so who’s the top musical artist of 2011? Adele! And it’s official, guys. At least according to Billboard… [Hollywire]

So Katy Perry hosted SNL on Saturday night and, natch, killed it. But our fave of her skits? The one where she made fun of Christina Aguilera… [Wetpaint]

Look! New pics of season 2 of our fave Nickelodeon show, House of Anubis! Ah! [Just Jared Jr.]

House of Anubis Season 2 Pics

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is coming to Hollywood! The Wizardarding World of Harry Potter is coming to Hollywood! Ok. We’re done. [Twist]

Nope. Not even pregnancy is slowing down Hilary Duff. What good deeds was the Duffster doing over the weekend?! [Posh24]

Is there anything cuter than these adorable pets wearing glasses? No. No there is not. Happy Monday! [gURL]

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