Best Dressed of the Grammy’s! Who’s Got Your Vote?!

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Ya already know who won at the Grammy’s in the awards department (Adele FTW!), but what’s an awards show without crowning winners in the fashion department too, eh? That’s where we come in with our Best Dressed picks of the night. From Katy’s sparkly blue ensemb to Rihanna so-sexy LBD, check out our top picks below!

What a coincidence. Taylor Swift showed up in a gold sparkly dress that oh-so-perfectly matched the two gold sparkly Grammys she took home. So not an accident. She totes knew she was gonna win.


Speaking of winners, we die over Adele‘s LBD. The dress she wore for her performance? Meh. But this one? So gorg, just like her.


Carrie Underwood is like, really underrated. She’s talented, sure, but she looked especially gorgeous in her sparkly white gown last night. The back is to die for!


If Katy Perry‘s feeling blue over her divorce, she sure isn’t showing it. Well, she kinda is considering, ya know, her hair and her Elie Saab gown were both baby blue. But you get what we mean. She looks amaze!


Lucky Kelly Osbourne gets to go to like, every red carpet event thanks to her gig as Fashion Police correspondent, but despite our jealousy over her, we think this might be our fave of Kelly’s RC looks yet. So. Sparkly.

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Speaking of sparkles, look at Jessie J, guys! Maybe dress was just a tag intergalactic or something, but still so so pretty. Maybe next year she’ll wear gold and win a trophy.


Dare we crown Rihanna as our fave of the night? She collaborated with Armani to design this gorgeous twist on the LBD, and somehow she looks sexy, not trashy. Well done, RiRi. Well. Done.


So, who has your vote for Best Dressed? Anyone we left off this list? Tell us who you picked right here, right now!

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