Gossip Girl Season One Vs. Season Now. Not Much Has Changed.

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Recognize these two? We know, it’s been a long time. Totally weird, isn’t it? Back in its first season, Gossip Girl was all about Blair and Nate and we can pretty much all agree that they were one of the worst couples in the history of TV show couples.

This season, Gossip Girl will hit its 100th episode. Five long seasons of random hookups, pregnancy scares, completely over-the-top parties, drug overdoses, door slams… OK, you get the point.

So we decided to take a trip down memory lane Park Ave. and rewatch the first season to find out just how far these privileged prep-schoolers have come in the last four years. Oddly enough, Season 1 is a lot like Season 5 if you take out snoozeworthy Prince Louis and replace him with cheating Nate Archibald.

Here we go people…

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Serena van der Woodsen
Then: Serena spends most of Season 1 convincing Blair she’s not a slut (even though she slept with Blair’s boyfriend Nate). When she’s not doing that, she’s toying with Dan’s emotions. The two have this weird on-again-off-again thing and it’s mostly just annoying. Serena seems to always put everyone else (including herself) before Dan and just when you think he’s done with her BS, she always pulls him back for more.
Now: That’s pretty much her M.O., amirite? Basically nothing has changed since then, well maybe except Serena’s wardrobe. Like, in the last ep when S tells Dan he was the love of her life? Riiight. Hopefully, it was just to get those film rights. Let’s hope we’re not in for another Serena/Dan thing. Ugh.

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Blair Waldorf
Then: Queen B is as popular as ever until everything falls apart when her “bestie” Serena returns to town. So she retaliates by losing her v-card to Chuck in a limo and then she seals the deal with Nate just a few eps later. Aaand whaddya know, a pregnancy scare! Seriously, S is spotted buying pregnancy tests, but it turns out they’re for Blair, who might be preggers. Serena actually says to Blair: “You need to know whether you and Chuck are going to have a baby.” Turns out she isn’t, but you’d think she’d learn the importance of birth control.
Now: Well, apparently not. This season, Blair is actually pregnant. And for a while she didn’t know whether her baby daddy was Chuck or Prince Louis (see, him and Nate are basically interchangeable). Blair now says her baby is def the prince’s, but who really knows for sure?

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Chuck Bass
Then: In Episode 1, Chuck basically tries to rape Serena over a grilled cheese sandwich (seriously). In Episode 2, he does the same thing to Jenny on a rooftop. Thankfully, Chuck shows his softer side after starting his affair with Blair, the show’s only relationship that is still just as intriguing as it was when it started (Rufus and Lily aren’t even on that list…).
Now: Chuck still has his demons, but at least he has a dog to talk to this time. Instead of acting out by taking advantage of women, he prefers to beat himself up these days, which is better, we guess?

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Nate Archibald
Then: The golden boy is in a shallow relationship with Blair for half the season, but it’s pretty obvious they don’t belong together. He’s crushing on Serena, but she has her hands full with Dan. So he just sort of mopes around and argues with his parents. Hooray.
Now: Look, who can blame Dan for blending Eric and Nate into Derek? Nate never really had any good material to begin with and he doesn’t now (Seriously, who cares about his cougar hookups?). It’s a good thing he’s really, really good looking, which has been a constant since Season One.

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Dan Humphrey
Then: Lonely Boy’s an outsider who is slowly but surely climbing his way up the social ladder. He spends most of the season totally in love with Serena, who may or may not feel the same way about him. Oh and BTW guys, the first Dair moment can be seen in Ep. 4, where the two talk parental problems. It’s heaven.
Now: After writing “Inside,” Dan’s an outsider yet again. Everyone hates him because he wrote the truth (Nate is boring, Serena is self-absorbed) and it looks like he’s gonna spend another season in love with Serena, who may or may not feel the same way about him. Hint: She probably doesn’t. P.S. What is the deal with his hair this season?

Do you guys remember Season 1? Are you over Gossip Girl or still just as in to it as we clearly are? How do you think it should end? Tell us below.