Gossip Girl Preview: Who’s Blair’s Baby’s Daddy…Chuck or the Prince?!

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If getting full on confirmation that Blair is pregnant on last week‘s episode of Gossip Girl wasn’t a total shock, not knowing who her baby daddy is definitely is a complete shocker. Blair is like little miss perfect, so who knew that she could make such a major screw up?!

On tonight’s ep “The Jewel of Denial,” Dan really starts to push Blair into finding out the paternity for her baby. ‘Cause seriously, it’d be so wrong to pin this on the wrong guy, right? We’re thinking if this turns out to be Chuck’s baby (which we’re totally hoping), she’s still probs going to say it’s Prince Louis’.

Watch a preview for tonight’s ep and tell us what I>you think is going to happen!

Gossip Girl airs tonight at 8pm on The CW! Who do you think is going to turn out to be B’s baby daddy? Do you think she’ll do the right thing or just do whatever it takes to stay on her path to a fairy tale ending? Sound off in the comments!

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