Spoiler Alert! Not Only Does Blair Have A New Guy, But Dan Has A New Girl, Too!

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If the producers of Gossip Girl keep talking to the press, we’re going to know the entire next episode by heart without having seen it. Not that we’re complaining, because these spoilers are too good to pass up.

You won’t even believe the latest scoop about Serena, Blair, and all your other fave Upper East Siders (and one lone Brooklyner)…

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Gossip Girl‘s writers spilled tons of goss about the last five episodes to E!. Here are some highlights:

On Chuck and Blair: “Chuck and Blair are very much connected in this pod. How that connection bears itself out, I just think we’ve got to wait and see. But the dynamics that have been brewing all season with them—Blair wanting to be powerful, Chuck waiting for her. All of that stuff is definitely very much prevalent in these last five.”

On Dan’s love life: “Dan will continue to be involved with Blair and in Blair’s story. And then he also gets a bit of a new relationship.”

On the van der Woodsen family: “The first half of the season was about Serena sort of being gaslit and wondering what it is that she could have done and then discovering that it wasn’t her, it was her mother and that fractured them… now this last five are sort of showing how the family comes back together and what this new family dynamic is going to be. That will definitely spin Serena off into a new direction. I think it would be honestly too delicious to spoil.”

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