Spoiler Alert! Guess Who’s Hooking Up Next on Gossip Girl!

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It’s easy to think that everyone’s hooked up with everyone on Gossip Girl already, but if you think hard, there’s one pair that haven’t done the deed—yet. Read on to find out who’s reportedly getting it on next on Gossip Girl!

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According to sources, Dan and Blair are going to be an item! “…don’t cry for Queen B, Argentina. She won’t be sitting home alone for long. On the contrary, it looks like she, too, will soon end up sleeping with someone who hasn’t been lonely in a while. Wonder what S will say. XOXO.” We didn’t see this one coming, but it’s practically the last pairing possible. (Except for Dan and Jenny, but, ew.) Plus they did seem rather chummy in this week’s episode. Too bad we have to wait over a month until the next episode!

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