“Gossip Girl’s Dead!” Did You Guess Who “She” Was Before the Big Reveal?

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The CW

The CW

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! After six (well, five and a half) seasons, the identity of Gossip Girl was revealed. But before we get into the nitty-gritty details on GG, let’s briefly touch upon the other important facts.

The series finale of the hit TV drama on The CW, “New York, I Love You XOXO,” ended with a bang as there were not one, but two weddings. Even if you haven’t watched the show since the first season, you were probably rooting for Chuck & Blair and Dan & Serena. Well, good news, folks — BOTH couples got married last night!

Then there were cameo appearances by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as well as Rachel Bilson and the one that left Twitter in an uproar: Gossip Girl‘s narrator and trademark voice since Episode 1, Kristen Bell! Oh, and Jenny Humphrey returned for a hot sec in case you were wondering.

Now to discuss the moment everyone’s been waiting for since 2007. The big reveal. If you’re not prepared to know just yet, back out right this second. Okay, here it goes. The person behind Gossip Girl is… Dan Humphrey! While some of the Upper East Siders wanted to point fingers at everyone from Eric van der Woodsen to Dorota, it was Lonely Boy who was the gossiper all along. HOWEVER, though you might’ve expected everyone to turn on him for making their lives miserable since the beginning of high school, Serena found a way to accept the jaw-dropping news: “What he did was… write a love letter. And not just to me, to all of us. It made me realize that I don’t want to run away, that you guys are my family. I belong here. And so does Dan.” Watch the clip below to see everyone else’s reactions, as well as the series’ immortal last words: “Gossip Girl’s dead.”

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